The Trading House "SpetzMashExport Ltd." is specialized in export deliveries to the nearest countries and abroad and delivers products for the following branches:

Our scope of activity:

  • Oil and gas extractive equipment, tools;

  • Cement aggregate (АНЦ – 320 (9Т));

  • boring pump (НБ – 32/50/125), auto rigging (УПА – 60 (80)),

  • boring equipment (А 50 МБ), steam extractive rig, research auto stations;

  • Spiders, keys, swivels, slide-valves, flanges, cranes, etc.;

  • Well workover aggregates, bore-well piling;

  • Boring equipment, rock destroying tools;

  • Pumping machines and spare parts, spare parts and knots for auto and gas rig;

  • Control and measuring tools, measure facilities;

  • Geological prospect equipment and machines;

  • Crushers КСМ, СМД, mills 1456, etc.;

  • Auto-cranes, auto-derricks, mobile auto-repair service, cross-country vehicles МТЛБу, ГТТ;

  • Spare parts and knots for the above-mentioned machinery and equipment;

  • Pipes, metal rolling from Joint Stock Company “Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant”.

  • Delivery of special equipment: T-130, T-170 (B-170), T-10 (B-10), excavators EO-5126 and spare parts, automobiles URAL;

  • Engines for river and sea vessels, diesel electrical stations and special equipment (1D6;3D6; 1D12; 2D12; 7D12; U1D6);

  • Spare parts for diesels engines D6, D12;

  • Starters ST-721, ST-722, ST-723, ST-724, for diesel engines D6, D12;

  • Turbo-compressors for all types pf equipment and spare parts for them;

  • Repair of turbo-compressors for inland and foreign equipment;

  • Catalogues for auto-tractor equipment (both in printed and electronic form);

  • Asbestos technical articles: brake and friction supports;

  • Rubber technical articles (belts, hoses, cuffs, moulding articles, rings, etc.)

  • Agricultural complex: cereals, sunflower seed, dry milk, casein, caseinat, agricultural equipment and machines.

For a long period of time our company has been successfully cooperating with the large manufacturers within the territory of Russia: The Bashkortostan Republic, Tatarstan, Kazakhstan, Belaruss and Udmurt Republic; Samara, Orenburg, Perm, Tyumen, Kurgan, Novossibirsk, Omsk regions and Altai.

How we work:

  • Delivery from our store-house and to order;

  • Shipment to customer’s address by any possible transport (railway car, container, luggage, parcel, cargo, etc.);

  • Discounts for wholesale buyers;

  • Payment deferment for regular customers;

  • Any manner of payment, payment by products from Pulp and Paper Mill, cardboard for flat layers, paper for crimping;

  • Consulting on spare parts’ selection.

Considering our rich experience, all necessary infrastructure (office and store premises, up-to-date communication means), our holding company guarantees implementation of your orders in short terms, in full measure, including customs service.

We handle applications, complete and dispatch products you are interested in, to any place of Russia, nearest countries and abroad. We are ready to represent large industrial enterprises for selling their products in the Urals region and within the territory of Russia. We are looking forward to our mutual cooperating with your company!